2023 Pre-Season Shakedown

Registrations are closed. We’re full!

It’s back for another year! As part of our annual Scholarship Day, BMW Race Driver Series members also get the opportunity to take to the circuit to do some pre-season testing, without the pressure of other classes around them.

This year, we are sharing the day with our friends at Toyota GAZOO Racing. While there is still an open pit lane, our sessions are approx 40 minutes every hour, with up to eight sessions available throughout the day. We’re due to hit the track approx 8.15am, with the track available right up until 4.30pm. We encourage you all to stick around for the Scholarship Presentation at approx 4.30pm. Exact times to be confirmed closer to the time.

The pre-season shakedown is only available to current and upcoming members of the BMW Race Driver Series, in caged cars only

Safety gear required is as follows:
All drivers & passengers must wear a minimum of a single-layer fire-retardant race suit.
All drivers & passengers must wear a helmet and Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) are mandatory. 
Fire retardant gloves and race boots are required.

Entry to the pre-season shakedown day is only $125 per car (payable to us), plus the Hampton Downs H&S Levy of $26 + GST per person (payable direct to Hampton Downs on the day).

It’s by far the cheapest opportunity to get some solid testing in prior to the start of the season, but there’s a slight catch! As your way to give back, we request that you do help us with hot laps over one of the sessions on the day. You’ll be giving hot-laps to the Scholarship Applicants, and to our valued marshals from The Motorsport Club (who are also helping us over the course of the day). It is especially important for our E46 drivers to give back in this area, as ultimately, these applicants may one day end up being your competition!