The BMW Race Driver Series bids farewell to its iconic E30 control class after an illustrious 16-year run as one of the most popular one-make entry level racing series in New Zealand. The E30 Series, which started as part of the “Radio Sport BMW Series,” rapidly gained momentum and expanded to two grids over a period of six seasons, drawing an impressive 70 E30s at some events.

The E30 series has been a proven and successful avenue for young and old drivers alike to develop their race craft, essentially providing the foundation of the BMW Race Driver Series as it is today for camaraderie while keeping a strong element of fierce competitiveness.

However, with the E30 chassis recently passing its 40th anniversary, and the numbers reducing due to many factors over the last few seasons, the BMW Race Driver Series Committee has taken the difficult decision to merge the E30 class with the 2 Litre class. This will ensure that there is always a place for the current E30 class cars, and while it’s a regretful decision, the silver lining is that this now provides a more cost effective opportunity to use aftermarket parts that were previously prohibited, with drivers now able to exercise the choice to develop their cars as they see fit.

As we wave the chequered flag on the unforgettable era of the E30 series, we honour the drivers, teams, and sponsors that were an integral part of its journey. We extend our deepest gratitude for their unwavering support and passion over the years, and eagerly anticipate their continued involvement in the diverse classes the BMW Race Driver Series continues to offer.