Hall of Fame

BMW Race Driver Series – Hall of Fame
2006 – 2023

18 great years of the BMW Race Driver Series
E30Logan SpaansDom PietersenLuke BradleySeason Results
E46Hunter RobbJoel HerbertRyan CrombieSeason Results
2 LitrePeter BallSam DunstallAnt BelshamSeason Results
Open GTBob SievwrightGrant BaguleyWarwick MortimerSeason Results
Open AGraham BallStuart BroadhurstRick DonaldsonSeason Results
Open BJonathan PierceMatt StubbsPhil PietersenSeason Results
Open CNigel PattersonMatt HenneyMilan KlinacSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Ayden LamontThomas NewtonLee ZeltwangerSeason Results
E46Harry McDonaldJoel HerbertLogan MansonSeason Results
2 LitreGraham BallSam DunstallNeville CarpenterSeason Results
Open GTBob SievwrightGrant WoolfordBarry Kirk-BurnnandSeason Results
Open ADavid WhitburnGraeme FraserMichael KennedySeason Results
Open BGraham BallWarren GlassfordJonathan PierceSeason Results
Open CPhil PietersenSteve LawrenceNigel PattersonSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Casey SturrockDion PittLee ZeltwangerSeason Results
E46Joel HerbertDavid WhitburnPeter BennettSeason Results
2 LitreGraham BallAndrew SharpRoss WilsonSeason Results
Open GTKent BaigentAndrew NugentStefni BaigentSeason Results
Open AAndrew WalkerMarty IrvineSteven Kirk-BurnnandSeason Results
Open BWarren GlassfordPeter BallJohn ThomsonSeason Results
Open CNigel PattersonMatt HenneyTrevor WaldmeyerSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Shane GeddesMatt GriffinDion PittSeason Results
2 LitreMartyn SeddonDavid WhitburnChris SpargSeason Results
Open GTAndrew NugentPeter BeguelyKent BaigentSeason Results
Open AMichael DelmontMarty IrvineStefni BaigentSeason Results
Open BWarren GlassfordRichard BatchelerGraham BallSeason Results
Open CStephen LawrenceScott McCaskieNigel PattersonSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Peter BennettPhilip SmurthwaiteShane GeddesSeason Results
2 LitreGraham BallMatt GriffinMichael KennedySeason Results
Open GTKent BaigentAndrew NugentKent BaigentSeason Results
Open ABob SievwrightGraeme FraserMarty IrvineSeason Results
Open BGraham BallPeter BallNikolas HadenSeason Results
Open CCullern ThorbyGreg DuttonStephen LawrenceSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Royce RollinsonJackson PowerPhilip SmurthwaiteSeason Results
2 LitreGraham BallPeter BallAndrew SharpSeason Results
Open AMichael DelmontBob SievwrightKent BaigentSeason Results
Open BWarren GlassfordTreva SmithMarty IrvineSeason Results
Open CStephen LawrenceDavid LawrenceNigel PattersonSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Matt GriffinPhilip SmurthwaiteRoyce RollinsonSeason Results
2 LitrePeter BallGraham BallMartyn SeddonSeason Results
Open AAndre MortimerAndrew NugentRobert BerggrenSeason Results
Open BMarty IrvineWarren GlassfordSimon LucasSeason Results
Open CNigel PattersonDavid LawrenceStephen LawrenceSeason Results
EnduranceSeason Results
E30Matt GriffinAaron HodgsonMatthew SeddonSeason Results
2 LitrePeter BallAshley BlewettGraham BallSeason Results
Open AAndrew NugentRobert BerggrenAndre MortimerSeason Results
Open BIan DavidsonJustin DalyNigel PattersonSeason Results
E30Marty IrvineRichard OxtonMatt GriffinSeason Results
2 LitreGraham BallPeter BallAndrew WalkerSeason Results
Open ARobert BerggrenAndre MortimerNigel PattersonSeason Results
Open BIan DavidsonDavid FarmerBob SievwrightSeason Results
E30Marty IrvineJohn ThomsonPhilip SmurthwaiteSeason Results
2 LitreHoward WoodGraham BallMartyn SeddonSeason Results
Open AMichael MosenAaron HarrisDavid LawrenceSeason Results
Open BNikolas GladiadisGraeme FraserIan DavidsonSeason Results
E30Marty IrvineAshley BlewettRichard OxtonSeason Results
2 LitreAshley BlewettGraham BallHoward WoodSeason Results
Open ADaniel SlaterAndre CowanAaron HarrisSeason Results
Open BMichael StarnesIan DavidsonNeville FindlaySeason Results
E30Ashley BlewettMatt GriffinMartin IrvineSeason Results
Open AWarwick MortimerAaron HarrisAndrew NugentSeason Results
Open BTodd PelhamWayne CowleyGraeme FraserSeason Results
Open CMartyn SeddonMark HollandGordon LeggeSeason Results
E30Brent AllenMatt GriffinMartin IrvineSeason Results
Open ABarry Kirk-BurnnandNeville FindlayStephen LawrenceSeason Results
Open BAaron HarrisMichael StarnesGraeme FraserSeason Results
Open CMartyn SeddonMatthew ParishRichard BrocklehurstSeason Results
E30Martin IrvineBrent AllenGreg SymonsSeason Results
OpenAndre CowanWarwick MortimerMichael StarnesSeason Results
E30Mark BabbGregory SymonsPaul OlsonSeason Results
OpenMichael DelmontConrad TimmsAndre CowanSeason Results
E30Todd PelhamMark BabbGregory SymonsSeason Results
OpenAndre CowanWarren GlassfordDynes McConnellSeason Results
E30Mal ClarkeNigel PattersonTreva SmithSeason Results
OpenMichael DelmontWarren GlassfordMike TubbsSeason Results


“Good Bugger” Trophy Winners

Awarded to the person who most embodies the spirit and culture of the BMW Race Driver Series, as voted for by their fellow racers.

2023 – Blair Gray
2022 – Joel Herbert
2021 – Shane Geddes
2020 – John Mulrennan
2019 – Raewyn Anderson
2018 – Chris Sparg
2017 – Raewyn Anderson
2016 – Michele Irvine
2015 – Mike & Scott Dalzell (joint winners)
2014 – Peter Ball
2013 – Peter Ball
2012 – John Blewett

Keith Mitchell Memorial Trophy Winners

This trophy is awarded to the highest placed E30 Series driver who is aged over 55 years of age at the start of the season (at the discretion of the three surviving members of the OWRCC) in memory of Keith who was a big part of the series for many years.

2023 – Neville Carpenter
2022 – John Mulrennan
2021 – John Thompson
2020 – Grant Roe
2019 – Ian Power
2018 – Gerald Fava
2017 – Mark Crompton
2016 – Mark Crompton
2015 – Gerald Fava
2014 – Bruce Miller

Champion of Champions

This trophy is awarded to the competitor with the most amount of points overall, out of all the BMW Race Driver Series classes.

2022-2023 – Logan Spaans
2021-2022 – Not awarded
2020/2021 – Nigel Patterson
2019/2020 – Andrew Nugent
2018/2019 – Graham Ball
2017/2018 – Graham Ball
2016/2017 – Marty Irvine
2015/2016 – Peter Ball 
2014/2015 – Ian Davidson
2013/2014 – Marty Irvine
2012/2013 – Marty Irvine


Awarded following our annual scholarship day in August each year.

2023 – Emily Robb
2022 – Keegan Hickson
2021 – Not awarded
2020 – James Faulkner
2019 – Josh Donohue
2018 – Peter Bennett
2017 – Tim Dawson
2016 – Jordan Baldwin
2015 – Robert Hill
2014 – Tom Grooten