Scrutineering/Audit Checks

(Courtesy of the HRC Team)

As we have a lot of new competitors entering our Race Meetings, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what happens with regard to auditing a car for Motorsport Track Competition purposes. Rally have slightly different procedures but in general the audit process is the same.

The first thing to remember is that the Scrutineer is your friend. He is not there to stop you from competing – he is there to ensure that you can compete safely. Most scrutineers if they find an issue with your car will probably suggest a way of fixing it so that you can compete.

When do I need Auditing / Scrutineering?

Any vehicle may be selected for Safety Audit, although the following vehicles shall be selected:
–  All vehicles without a MotorSport NZ logbook, and
–  Vehicles which have not been audited at the last two(2) Events entered or within the last six(6) month period, and
–  Vehicles and/or competitors known to be competing for the first time, and
–  Vehicles with outstanding defects as previously noted in their vehicle logbook, and
– Competitors who request a Safety Audit to be carried out on their vehicle, and
– Any other vehicles required to ensure that no less than 15% of competing vehicles at an Event are audited

At HRC Events run race meetings, we usually have a Scrutineer available on the Friday Race Car Test Day (Between 12 noon and 4pm) and also from 07:30 on the day of competition.

All logbooks must be signed by the Event Scrutineer. You cannot get your mate who is a scrutineer to sign your logbook off in advance of a meeting.

Scrutineering Etiquette

When going to scrutineering prepare yourself. There is limited time, so don’t hold yourself and everyone else up. We expect:
– the car to be in the condition you are going to race in, no extra tyres / tool boxes / pens / loose change / chip wrappers lying around
– the car to be clean inside and out.
– take all your safety apparel with you, all of it, every time. It is common to check some item of safety gear.
– have your log book ready or know where it is
– stay with your car, if you leave – take it out of the queue

What are we looking for when doing an Audit?

Before each event, the Chief Scrutineer will create a worksheet (Form T020) that defines what items are going to be checked at an audit.

There are 3 categories within an audit:
– Safety Critical Items
– Safety Non-Critical Items
– Non Safety Items

The Chief Scrutineer will choose items within each category. The same items are checked for every car and the results are sent to MSNZ in the Scrutineers report.

IF the Scrutineer makes a comment in your vehicle Logbook, you need to get it signed off at the next meeting by having another audit.

If your car doesn’t require to be audited, it is still your responsibility to get your Logbook signed by one of the Event Scrutineers as “Not Audited”. He/she will then give you a “Scrutineered” Sticker to attach to your vehicle. This is important as the Dummy Grid Team check for a Scrutineered sticker. NO STICKER = NO ACCESS TO TRACK FOR QUALIFYING.

Roll Cage Inspections – New roll cages will NOT be inspected at a race meeting. Competitors get a letter saying to do it before hand, the log book is marked the same, so go and see a Scrutineer BEFORE your first event.

Common Causes of Failure during an audit.

Fire Extinguishers –
Missing, Not Secured by 2 straps, Pressure Low or Out of Date (The Canister has a 6 year life. The Date of Manufacture is stamped on either the base or neck of the extinguisher). More than 6 years old – BUY A NEW ONE. An inspection / service inside 6 years means nothing – it doesn’t extend the life of the canister.

Batteries – Not secured properly, Live terminal not isolated/protected
in event of accident.

Belts – Out of date, frayed straps where they pass through the seat back holes, crutch strap incorrectly fitted. Beware of counterfeit belts – there were two found at the recent Pukekohe ACC meeting.

Overalls – Beware of FAKE OVERALLS. Also ensure that they are
Flame Resistant. No Karting overalls or single layer Mechanics overalls are allowed.

Gloves – Check between fingers for holes / wear

Helmets – Correct labels, FHR Posts fitted correctly, No rusting / fraying around chinstrap buckle.

Tow Straps – Not Clearly Identified, Not correctly attached

Numbers – you are now required to have race numbers on the front windscreen
Log books – often do not have a current picture in the back

Appointed Scrutineers:

Scrutineers are appointed in accordance with Appendix One Schedule O.

(a) For Clubsport Events where there is no requirement for a licensed Scrutineer, the Clerk of the Course takes responsibility for appointing an appropriately qualified official to take on this role.

(b) Scrutineers shall carry out Safety Audits as determined by the Safety Audit selection process pursuant to the requirements of this Schedule, other relevant schedules to the National Sporting Code, and Event Supplementary Regulations.

Presentation of Logbook:
Every time a vehicle is used in competition its logbook shall be presented at documentation (and at any other time during an Event when requested by an official). If a logbook is required under Part One Article 3.4(2) above and that vehicle’s logbook is not available for presentation, for whatever reason, the Clerk of the Course may permit the vehicle to compete if;
(a) The vehicle is subject to a Safety Audit and clearance is obtained, and
(b) The penalty as prescribed in Appendix One Schedule P to the National Sporting Code is applied.

After an accident:
When significant vehicle damage is sustained, it is the Competitor’s responsibility, to present the vehicle and Logbook, to the Event Chief Scrutineer for inspection and notation of any applicable information or as requested by the Clerk of the Course.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call us at the office. Both Tim and Chris are Licenced Scrutineers. Chris is A Grade and can also sign off Roll Cages and Authority Cards.

The HRC Team

Chris Watson 0274 827542 [email protected]
Tim Hill 021 614600 [email protected]